CloudTV APK Download

This app supports any standard Android (above 2.2 version) devices including boxes, mobile phones, and smart TV etc. Regarding any other than standard Android system, you may try to install, and verify if it is available to either install or running. 

It deosn't support iOS system yet. In addition, it deosn't support any emulator of Android too.

1. Standard Android version(like Mibox, Kaiboer, Himedia etc.)

2. YunOS( Ali boxes, like Tianmao魔盒,天敏D6, 美如画V8, Changhong Android smartTV etc.)

3. After the installation, if it's not available to watch the premium channels, you may change the decoders in the Setting/Decoder on the desktop of the app. Trying to change it to h/w or s/w decoder. If it doesn’t work yet, please install a 3rd. part player, like VLC, and deselect the CloudTV Player in the app( Menu/Setting the same as above)